Bruce G 1989 Buick Reatta

1989 Reatta

While looking for a pick up truck for my grandson, came across a 1989 Buick Reatta, with flat tires, one head light lid up, the other 1/2 way up. I new of the car as a young man, a well off friends father had one, " $ 24,000.00 in 1989 " and knew it was a high price car, I really liked its advance style, and back then it had a touch screen computer , didn't know any thing about computers at the time and was amazed, when the owner show me. I asked the truck seller about the car, said it belonged to a friend, and he would sell it, for $600.00, but couldn't start it because ignition was broke, but it did run! Spoke with the owner , said it ran good, but wife broke ignition. I bought a new battery and next day went to check out the car, the owner came over to explain the car, when he seen the battery he would sell it to me for $560.00, if I wanted it. I paid him on the spot.

After rebuilding , ignition, complete brakes, new gas tank and lines, compressor . The interior is perfect, change rims and tires, ( save the originals ) from 15" to 17". Had the computer fixed , would come on and go off , done . And added a spoiler , which did not come with the car .The last thing to do is new paint , this coming summer.

Funny thing is that car came with a computer , but no cup holder, which I added. LOL That's my story

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    RAY houston December 3, 2015 at 11:06

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