Larry & Lauren B 1970 Volkswagen Transporter (Van) 3dr Station Wagon, 7-pass.

We finally got our beach house

With the love of the Beach, vintage cars, the fact that we moved to an island and a sea breeze at our backs Lauren and I decided it was time to hunt for our "Beach house". A VW type 2, one of the most iconic cars in the world. After owning all types of VWs and currently owning 2 mk1 rabbits and a mk5 Tdi we were ready for one that was on top of the most wanted list. After selling my 1971 Datusn 521 pickup we were armed with some cash, the hunt began. Living on the island just short of a year I met my good buddy John at a local car show. He was a big time VW head his 57 oval ragtop beetle caught my eye right away. Talking with him about all of the VWs we had "saved" and let go I told him the only one I've always wanted truly was a bay window bus. I would stay up late searching the web for the right one in our price range, I'd send John the links to get his opinion. All said and done we had gone to check out a few and even made the deal on a later model only to get a call from the owner that last minute he decided to keep it. At this point I had gave up deciding that I was gonna just have to save more money and wait. Everyone that owns a bus knows what they have, I wasn't looking for a 3 year project I wanted a driver. One night I was going online to get a restaurant phone number and craigslist was up, the page had refreshed and right at the top posted for just 6 minutes was a 1970 deluxe bay window bus! I ran to show Lauren, she said call him! Call him! The price was very low, posted as a great condition driver for the price of what others were asking for projects. I kept getting an answering machine, I left 3 messages letting him know I could come immediately with cash. Early the next morning I got a call form an older gentleman " hello, I'm looking for Larry I have the VW for sale". I was driving to work and pulled over. Talking with him for a while I heard everything I needed to and set up a time to see the bus that day. I showed up and it was just perfect. Shaking hands and making a deal I let him know I would be back in the morning to get it. I called John letting him know the news and apologized for all the failed trips and late nights we had before. 30 minutes away hidden in a storage unit was our bus!. We love the joy it brings as we cruise on sunny days watching people smile, wave and give the peace sign. We can't take it anywhere without someone coming up to us to tell they're VW stories, it's not one of those cars people love but cannot relate to because the price tags are crazy. It's a car that was a part of everyday life, people who were embarrassed to ride in them as kids now smile when they see one and know how cool that old "Twinkie" that mom drove us to school in really is. Being on the younger side of the car world is cool, growing up in a car household and surrounded by good car people that care about them and love them is something I wouldn't trade for the world. Often time people that are our parents age or older don't believe it when we say the bus is ours. Most people want fast "reliable" cars, for us the simple, quirky and slow ones make us happy. A VW bus hits all those nails right on the head.

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