John R 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Convertible

What pushed me to buy the 57

In March of 2015 I went to Pennsylvania to look at a 57 Chevy Belair convertible. I had been negotiating with someone in Georgia for another 57 but the price was very high. My wife wanted me to buy the 57 in Georgia but the little angel on my shoulder kept telling me

that it was a lot of money and it would just about break the bank. The 57 we looked at in Pennsylvania left a lot to be desired for the price. Was having breakfast at Denny's the morning we were supposed to fly out back home. My friend and I went back and forth as to if I should go ahead and commit to buy the 57 in Georgia. I told my friend that it was a lot of money but my wife has no problem with me buying it. He said I should just come up to the price they are looking for because he saw pictures online of it and it was a class 1 car and would be worth the money. I told him I felt as though I had the devil on one shoulder telling me to buy it and the angel on the other shoulder telling me to think practical about my money. I just needed that little something to push me over the top to commit to the 57. We then got our check at Denny's for breakfast. It came to $19.57! I showed my friend the check and said we are going to Georgia next week to buy the car. The next week I bought the car and had it shipped home. Couldn't be happier with it and not even worried about the money I spent on it. Had so much fun with it this past summer and even got a best of show award along the way.

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