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Daddy's Truck

I bought "Daddy's Truck" ('89 GMC Jimmy) 17 years ago. It was a tough decision at the time because I had to sell my '73 FJ-40 Toyota Landcruiser (almost show-worthy) that I owned in college to buy it. Believe it or not, I needed something that got "better" gas mileage. Notice, I didn't say good. Unfortunately, guys like me don't drive vehicles that are environmentally friendly. Fortunately, I'm too cool (or stupid) to care.

I drove this truck as my primary driver until I became a rich airline pilot. (That is a joke. I don't know any rich airline pilots). It was my first band/equipment hauler when I first got into music. I basically grew up in this thing. As the years went by, it began to need some attention. But I kinda let it go because I got my GranDaddy Gene's newer F-150 when he passed. My old Jimmy's paint was chipped/faded bad from long sits in airport parking lots and the engine was burning oil that almost exceeded the gas burn. The windshield was cracked, transmission slipping & it finally gave out one day on Mrs Big City. It needed new tires. It was a wreck & was kinda pitiful sitting outside our townhouse. I decided to sell it. I loved it, but I didn't need it. And I couldn't afford to fix it.

So, I took the best photos I could & put it on ebay for what I thought was reasonable, $3500, as is. No takers, lowered the price. No response. I trailered it to my buddy's garage & it sat in the junkyard there. I even told him, first $1500 takes it. Nothing. Nobody wanted this truck.

Flash forward about a year to Christmas 2006. Angela & I have one child, real estate business is growing for her. I bought her a nice piece of jewelry. She hands me a box, shirt box. "OverHaulin" was the hit show these days. We watched it. Blah blah. I open the box, there's a picture of my truck with a ransom note. It's been kidnapped & headed to rehab. My first reaction was "Awesome!" But, I had already written it off & really thought it was a waste of money & she had no clue how expensive this could get. But, it was done.

A few weeks later, it rolled up outside of my house. I couldn't believe it! It looked amazing. It had an incredible paint job, tuned motor, new tranny, tires and windshield. It was totally drive-able & awesome! So, I sold the Ford & starting dumping money to complete the project. I put a fresh crate motor in, replaced some glass, added a suspension lift, new tires, exhaust, upgraded the stereo, air condition, Linexed the interior to match, replaced emblems, etc. I'm still working on some stuff.

By now, we have two kids. They love it & wanna go everywhere in it. We do all the stuff mentioned in the song. It's all they know & remember. It's "Daddy's Truck."

Once again, Mrs Big City saves the day and improves my life. It's getting to be kind of a regular thing.

See the video, here the song right here!

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