Robert D 1974 ford Capri 302 V8

V8 Ford Capri

Back in 1978 with a friend we raced a BMW up and down the back roads of Santa Cruz Cal.

We were driving a modified V6 74 Ford Capri. We finished at Alison's restaurant. We got to the restaurant first and the BMW kept driving on.

The little Capri was in my blood. I opened a business selling Capri parts and fiber glass flares to help with my school bills and my road racing in San Jose Cal. One fond memory was driving up to Mier Racing in Oakland Cal to see how they made the fiber glass parts for the Mustangs. They were and still are a big road race family in Northern Cal. that made fiber glass flares for the road racing mustangs.

I would ask questions hang out get information on fiber glass parts and bench race. This was back in 1975-81.

Now in 2015 the Capri parts Business is huge and is located in Arizona called Capripartsusa.comand I am still racing the Capri's.

My little Capri has won lots of races and still can win on any given Sunday. She has never been wrecked and still draws a crowd when she is in the pits. I will some day put her back on the road but for right now I am busy building Capri's for like minded Capri enthusiasts with V8s and 5 speeds.

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    Mike M Mesa Az December 25, 2016 at 21:54
    Hello Robert D. I bought a 1973 Capri II in 1979 in Boise Idaho with about 70K miles on it. I think I paid $1500.00 for it. Unfortunately I wrecked this wonderful little car and it was totaled. Any way I would be interested in communicating with people who have access to these cars etc. Thank you , Mike McGehee

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