Brian W 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 2dr Convertible

25 Years Later

25 years ago, I bought my first Olds - a 1964 98 Town Sedan. I wanted to relive the days of my childhood, riding around as a passenger with my parents in our family Olds I'm pretty sure my dad had a '62 Dynamic 88 sedan as I've found pictures of that car and me as a baby in it. I asked him once why he didn't own the 98 and he said "I couldn't afford it". So when I picked up my 98, I made sure my dad was going to enjoy it. We cruised together, spent time under the hood together, just building those memories and enjoying this iconic Olds. I started a car club and we traveled many miles enjoying that car and more so, the memories and discussions my dad and I would have about it.

My father died in 2000 and I sold the 98 shortly after that. I migrated to a mid 70s Corvette L48 which I still own - but never lost sight of the great cars of the 1960s.

At the end of last year, I began looking for another 60s classic/antique. I drove many Fords and Pontiacs, a few Buicks but noticed more and more the rarity of finding Oldsmobiles. At the urging of my wife, I migrated from looking for a two-door hardtop to finding a convertible which narrowed my search even more in the Oldsmobile category. I narrowed my search even more to model year 1964 since that was the year Oldsmobile added a longer wheelbase and more interior room to their cars.

Long story short, I found my new Oldsmobile in the Piedmont of North Carolina, less than 200 miles from my house. My wife and I named this 1964 Dynamic 88 convertible, finished in Cashmere Beige with a Saddle interior and showing an astounding 29800 original miles, Stella. It has done the car shows and cruise-ins, takes Sunday trips to church, and more importantly, is building great memories for my wife and I as we tool along the Blue Ridge Parkway and NC Mountains.

I think my dad would be proud.

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