Lyle P 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2dr Convertible

Glady ; My 65 Cutlass Convertable

I first saw this car when my brother in law used to bring it around to my place on summer drives . I owned a 66 Chevelle SS 396 and a 69 Camaro RS in great shape . He decided that the car needed to have the frame powder coated so he and his friends tore the car completely apart and figured to get the underside of the body touched up as well . I had advised them to bag and tag every nut and screw , and they elected to bypass this and the photo parts as well . One thing led into another and the body got a fresh coat of paint , and the frame did not get powder coated , just sprayed and brought back . The engine and transmission were torn down , cleaned and checked and reassembled . When the frame and body came back they were overwhelmed by the task at hand so I was elected to put the car back together as I was a confirmed gearhead . In order to keep the peace with my wife , I spent the better part of the summer reassembling the car while he and his friends provided a running commentary on what I was doing Wrong . Whenever I passed them the tools they declined to finish the job at hand . Finally I finished the car and rolled it out of the garage . as I closed the door they started the car and drove away for the first run . I promptly loaded my tools and left which caused a lot of friction in our families . 25 years later I had never even rode in the car and he rapidly found out that owning any old car requires a hands on approach or really deep pockets to pay someone to do the work . In 2014 soon after my divorce was final he passed away , and to the grief of all but myself left the car to me in his will . I loaded it onto a flat bed and brought it home to my place , and have spent the last 7 months rebuilding the brake system and electrical problems from sitting stored in a barn over the years in the winters . Chrome parts became tarnished and the paint had faded . After changing all of the fluids and checking the motor out I fired it up and as expected it ran like crap , so all of the fuel lines etc. were replaced as well . One thing led to another , and over the year now I have gotten the car roadworthy but not quite showable . I love how I get the huge smiles from folks when I roll through town and the waves and thumbs up on the road . Now I am getting a few photos of her before getting a complete touchup of the paint and possibly clear coat over the finish . Then I will be ready to show it off at the local car shows . I tell people it is an old car owned by an old man who can revert back to being a twenty year old gearhead again with the twist of the key . The car was named by my niece when she was about 8 years old , and hence the name . Laurie was killed in an accident in Thailand many years ago , and I loved her dearly , so The name will remain along with her memory . I believe Laurie and Gord would approve of the car now . The car only has 9000 miles on the odometer and runs like a top . Now I have broken the engine in again and am going to drive and enjoy her for as long as I can still twist the key .

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