John B 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood


Attention: Jonathan Stein

Hello Jonathan,

Long time. Dear Ellen Pryor suggested I write you in regard to locating auto related media outlets to promote

my new book, JOHN BAEDER'S ROAD WELL TAKEN, published soon 272pg 300 illust.

I have a YouTube video to promote the book, a song written by two singer songwriters friends who know me well

and long. "Caddy" is used in the lyrics, paintings with Cadillacs inserted, vid ends with my '41 Cad Fleetwood,

Link below. My website has a larger reproduction of the cover. I'm not sure Hagerty is a

proper media source. Perhaps others may have more reach, like Hemmings FB page, not sure their online would

take an ad, I believe it has more reach. The auto related arena lends itself for marketing the book, other than pure

art related areas. Perhaps you have other ideas or suggestions. If you wish, I can get the publisher's PR person

(Ellen is working with) to send you a comp copy. The books just arrived from China to the warehouse in Indiana.

My email is: if you care to give a holler back. Here's the link, thanks for taking a peek,

and for any further assistance.

Happy roads, all well taken....


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