Danny S 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2dr Sport Coupe

Rabbit's Chevelle

I should probably tell you a little about Rabbit. Growing up I would occasionally hear someone call my Dad Rabbit. I never thought much about it until one day sometime after he had passed on. I decided to ask my Mother why some people called Dad Rabbit. She told me that it was because he could run fast. I just left it at that.

I believe it was on a Saturday that Rabbit, Mom and I took off for a drive to the local Chevrolet dealer with intensions of buying

a pretty basic Chevelle Malibu, nothing special just 283" engine two barrel and three on the tree. While they were making the deal I was across the street where the Chevelle SS and El Camino's were. I could only dream of having one of these.

Some years later they sold/gave the Chevelle to my brother Bill, better know as Wild Willy. He drove the car for several years and would race anything that would move.

He and I both rode motorcycles at that time and he came over to my house to see if I wanted to go for a ride. I was not home so he left, but upon leaving my house he hit a large dog and was killed. Turns out he had a willed the Chevelle to me, and that is how I ended up with the car.

In 1981 I put a 327" 300 HP four speed, minor head work, roller rockers, forged TRW pistons, balanced, TRW 10"1 forged pistons, and TRW Camshaft, differential is a Ford 9" with 3"50 gears.

As for racing the Chevelle that only happened one time. I was a a family get together and my nephew was there with his 1968 Chevelle I listened to him all night long about how fast his Chevelle was and that it had never lost a race. I never said anything, but knowing that on the way home we would be going the same way home. I waited until the time was right and pulled him over We went off one time and I beat him so bad that I thought he had broke something. That was the first and last time the car was ever raced in the time I have owned it. Wild Willy was a different story.

The car has now been in the family for fifty years and I would have to believe that Rabbit and Wild Willy would be proud..

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