John W 1968 Plymouth GTX 2dr Convertible

Tow Car to drag strip wins.

My father died when I was a senior at Central Michigan University. He worked at Chrysler Plymouth dealership and the owner gave me a great deal on a new 1968 GTX convertible 4 speed to honor my dad. It was a beautiful car and very fast!

A year later a friend of mine bought a 1969 Roadrunner with a 426 Hemi with 2 4Bbl. carbs. and torqueflite. He modified the transmission for racing and couldn't drive it on the road so he asked me to tow him to the drag strip. When we got there I decided to race my GTX too.

I had to take my 12" Mickey Thompson's off and put the F70's on to race F pure stock.

My first race was a 396 Chevelle and my 4 speed stuck in 2nd gear. I was far ahead so I put the clutch in and coasted until he caught me then I flored it and beat him in 2nd. I pulled in the pits and jacked up the car, unlocked the linkage and pulled up for the next race against a Mustang Mach 1 with a 428. He had wide E 60 tires but I beat him easily and won the trophy with a 12.9 et @ 114 mph. quarter.

I then ran for eliminator and had to spot an old Chevy 6 Cyl. half the track. I caught him at the finish but he beat me by 6". It was dial your time then and if I had gone any faster I would have been disqualified.

My friend who I towed turned 135 mph. In 9 something seconds but lost as he had to run in A factory experimental.

That Hemi Roadrunner is the only car that ever beat me in a street race.

I sold my Electric Blue GTX when I went to grad. school a few years later for $750.00. Wish I had kept it.

Probably would be worth $75,000.00 now as 1968 GTX 4 speed Convertables are very rare.

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