Mike K 1965 Chevrolet Nova SS 2dr Sport Coupe

Tough 6.5 Litre Cougar - not!!!

I had a classmate in high school with a 67 or 68 Cougar, 390 & 4 speed. I had my 65 Nova SS then, 327, 300 HP, 4 speed. My classmate, nicknamed "Rat" kept telling me he could kick my butt in the 1/4. He bragged to everyone that he could and one night I'd had enough. I stopped him on Main St and said "Let's go, I have enough gas for one run". We went out of town to an old road. I had another classmate with me, George, so he was the starter (he stayed in the car with the window down). On 3, we took off. I got into 3rd and he was not even close. I said to George, "Is he even coming?" because he was so far back. His car was no match for mine! I sold the Nova in 1976, and in 2006 found it and purchased it. The picture is of how it looked in 2013 when I took it to my 40th high school reunion. Needless to say, neither "Rat" nor his Cougar were there, and my Nova was the hit of the reunion!

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