Fred V 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Before the 405, The Real Outlaw Street Racers

Circa Dallas, 1967- We would cruise the drive ins in Dallas on Friday nights, pay days were Friday for the blue collar crowd. Hangouts in Dallas , Irving and Ft Worth. Pizza Palace, Sybil's, Kellers, Charcoes Hamburgers , a loose gang of North Dallas street racers. ( young hoodlums ) 17,18,19 years old. I was leader of the pack with my Maroon 427, 425 hp Corvette Coupe, no AC, no PS, no PB, four speed, 3.90 rear posi. Jimmy Mooney with his black and white sleeper 56 Chevy 4 door, looked like his moms car except for the rough idle from the Isky roller cam and oversize tires on the rear, Frank Helms with his solid white 63 Pontiac Catalina, suped up 389 3 on the tree. 2 nd gear got real good rubber. Then we would profile our victim, usually late into the Miller High Life or Vin Rose when they were feeling brave. We would match our choice from our gang to who we figured was a good match and looked like an easy mark by the victim. Lots of good 1/4 mile street venues, near the Trinity River, hwy 348 to Irving and 635 under new construction in far North Dallas (at the time ) . Sometimes they would call a buddy with a real drag car to meet us at the designated spot and we would tow bar in my 1967 L 88 , 435 hp Ha,ha, close ratio, 4.11 posi, delete heater and delete everything light weight Corvette roadster we raced professionally on Saturday nights at Green Valley Raceways or Cedar Hill ( we called it Cheater Hill ) in South Dallas. We didn't have nitrous back then but we did have 130 octane aircraft gasoline . A real nice blue green color and smelled much better than auto gas. We never would have thought to race just an 8th of a mile. We won most of our races unless something broke. So now I'm 67 ( but reading on a 68 year old level ) The accellomania hasn't waned at all. But now I have 8 grandchildren and number 9 in the oven in OKC. A nostalgic Sting Ray would be fun for me , but how could I introduce all these GCs to thrill. Then it happened. I saw the ad in Hemmings. A solid lifter P code 390 , very rare, bored, stroked, now 427, very rare, factory cast iron headers, Crane .500 lift cam, 4 speed close ratio, Hurst flat stick with a T Handel. 3.90 nine inch rear, Bench seat, moon tach, gauges, all in a very rare lightweight 1964 Galaxie 2 door sedan. I called Bob Elliott at Ultra Automotive July 2015 and told him I was on the way and would be driving it home. He said this is a good cruise night car and was authentic hi performance with 1000 miles on a full resto. He said I would be crazy to drive it from Ultra Automotive in Cincinnati Ohio to Dallas Texas, 1000 miles. I said yes , I believe you are correct on that point. His son Jeramie did the make ready, wheel bearing, master cylinder, 4 way under the spare, new wiper blades. I left Ohio in a cool rain, music to my ears, the big block churning at 3000 rpm. 65 mph. The rain stopped middle of Kentucky. People waving, honking, thumbs up, Ohio state big O with their hands in response to the 1964 rear license plate Bob let me keep ( very cool) . La Quinta in Tennessee that night. The manager said park it right in the por-cache and that he grew up with his fathers 64 four door Galaxie. I reset the points running through the Mallory CD and set the timing to 10 degrees and improved the fuel mileage to 12mpg from 10. The high lift cam lope through the 3 inch high performance dual exhaust will scare a small child. The rev up is very quick and sounds like a shotgun going off. Good safe trip home. Looks like I'll be installing a lot more seat belts!

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