Joann C 1975 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

If this car could talk!

After a love affair with horses, the American made Corvette stole my heart and it was only a matter of time before I would be driving one.

It was the mid-'70's and instead of four years of college I sought a fast tracked secretarial/business education. Katherine Gibbs was one of the most prestigious schools with locations in NYC and Boston. Living on my own in either of those exciting cities while obtaining an education appealed to me. I applied, was accepted and received a scholarship. Yippee!!!

Then the school announced the opening of a new location in my home town. I wasn’t interested in continuing to live at home with my parents and study at that branch… UNTIL my parents explained how cost effective it would be to attend the local school. So much so, I could have my own car.

This was my chance. Corvette shopping was in my future; just not in my immediate future. My parents listed their terms which, to my shock, stipulated that purchasing a Corvette was not an option. They were joking, right? No, they were serious. Living at home, attending the local school while driving a MG Midget during the gas shortage actually turned out OK. Graduation day the MG was sold to a classmate and my pursuit to purchase a Corvette began in earnest. A red 1970 convertible with hard top and automatic transmission was selected and I hated it. Can’t explain why. I was not deterred. Less than 6 months later, it was sold to a friend who ultimately gave it to his wife who thankfully survived a serious accident but totaled the car.

Driving by a car dealership I saw “the one”; a blue 1975 Stingray with T-tops, silver leather interior and all the bells and whistles. That was 40 years ago. The odometer just turned from 99,999 to 00000 and that milestone was shared on Facebook. The comments posted revealed the impact that vehicle had on so many lives and our adventures continue. Now, that’s awesome!

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