Freia B

The second one

Had a 50 Cadillac Coupe de Ville in 1971. I bought it for 250.00. No kidding. Used it for pulling my horse trailer and a daily driver when I lived on a cattle ranch. Back then, everyone said "UGLY car." No one listened when I told them it is pretty and will be worth something some day. But sadly, I moved, and being single didn't have the funds to keep up the car. So I sold it for 400 dollars. Oh, that hurt, but I needed work on it and couldn't afford it. The first Cad was repainted in plum color. I missed Caddie.

Fast forward 20 years when I kept talking about my 59 Caddie and my husband said I got to stop talking and buying instead. Found my 2nd one at the Pomona county fairgrounds classic car swap meet. It sure cost more than the 250.00 that I sold the 1st one for. But I did have it ever since and still love it. Even Elvis (in the photo) thought it was cool. My son hopes to inherit it.

Well, he just might, but not soon.

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