LE L 1993 Infiniti J30 Base Sedan

My Infiniti J-Series Sedan (Jacqueline J30)

I purchased this car in mid-September of 2008 after losing my '92 Camry-XLE V6 in local flooding. This car had for years went back and forth between my landlord at the time and a long-term buddy of his, so I knew pretty much the most history of the car. I had seen many J30 Sedans over the years at the used car lots and always kind of liked the unique styling of the car and I remembered the snooty commercials that Jonathan Pryce had done for the Flagship Q45 and the Mid-Level J30 from back in the day. I know it’s not a popular thing to say these days, but had always been a huge fan of Japanese cars because of the Reliability and the Durability.

I have had 4 Toyotas (Two '82 Celica-Supras, '94 Toyota Basic Pick-Up truck and a '92 Camry-XLE V6) and I had Great Service with them. I had a Datsun/Nissan ('82 200-SX Coupe) and Now this Infiniti/Nissan with '93 Infiniti J30 Base Sedan. The gripe is it’s not a practical car by today’s standards in MPGs and requires "PREMIUM UNLEADED ONLY" Gas. There is not a way around the Higher Octane requirements with this VG30DE V6 Engine that is the same Basic Engine that is shared with the Nissan 300-ZX Sport Coupe with a few more refinements in the J-Series over the Z-Car. The Intake and Exhaust systems as well as the Fuel Injection were proprietary to the J30 and the ECCS/ECM in the J30 is a 16-Bit over the 8-Bit ECCS/ECM in the Z-Car. Sadly the J30 was a short lived car of a four Model year production run. Many of which were slaughtered during the C.A.R.S. program in '09. So these cars are becoming very rare and difficult to locate parts for as well.

This car has at present just over 139k original miles on the clock. As far as having to do much to this car, I really haven't done much personally. I know that the Transmission was rebuilt in this RWD beauty once. And just before I purchased the car The Door-Lock Timer and Driver's Door actuator were replaced. I have replaced the Keyless Entry and Theft Control Boxes as well as recently a Driver's Door Window Regulator. This car would be in average condition for a car of nearly 22 years of age (12/92 for the '93 Model Year). There are things that I would Love to do this car but I just can’t afford to do. By Collectors standards this would be a Stock or Survivor Car.

The Factory Colors are Artic White Pearlglow (WK0) with Gold "Painted" Pinstripes and an Interior Code of "Q" which calls for a light Eggshell Color and Medium Chocolate Brown color scheme, the interior was styled by "Poltrona Frau" of Italy.

As for the ride quality and comfort, for a car of its age, it rides like a dream and she still purrs like a Japanese Diva. I really can’t complain with this car and it like most Japanese vehicles that I have owned, done me very well with very few issues. I still have all of the Original Eggshell colored Floor-mats with the Infiniti Logos in Copper Color on them, The complete Infiniti Leatherette Portfolio (Owner’s manual, Warranty Book, Maintenance Book and I still have the original Salesman's Business card from "Atlantic Infiniti" in Jacksonville Florida). I also have the original Factory Shop Manual that goes in the trunk Cubby on the Left Side.

As I said, it has most definitely exceeded all my expectations and has been a wonderful car for the vintage.

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