Peter E. R 1987 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe


My Corvette story starts out 15 years ago… back then, I didn't know much about the car until I started watching a lot of 80's movies where the early C4 'Vette was featured or showed in a scene/part of the movie such as RoboCop, etc. and TV shows like Miami Vice. I felt in love instantly and I dreamed of it by the way the car looked, it's design, the round taillights, the flip/pop-up headlights and of course the digital LCD dash screen. I obsessively wanted to own one and I said to myself, "some day I'll drive one and I'll cherish it like no other car"… well, I kept my promise & the dream and in November 2007 I got a 1984 cross fire injection. I didn't paid much for it, although it was in ok condition body wise needing fresh paint and the interior needed full restoration. I took a chance on it because the price was right for this Corvette with almost 113k original miles. For me it was going to be a long-term process to restore it to its original condition but I didn't care how long it took because it was my dream car; and so I did the math and realized it was going to take at least $15,000 to $20,000 to get it done. Years passed and I couldn't afford to do much to it that it depressed me because I had no idea when I'd finally drive this legendary & iconic American sports car… finally, last summer 2014 I was doing well financially and I made the decision to search for another one in a better condition and street ready. I made a lot of hunting and phone calls and in the end I decided to go to a town call Derby in Connecticut to get my long-time love. I drove home for 82 miles with a 1987 CORVETTE dark red metallic with 88,046 miles, 1 owner, garage kept and in a great condition. That night when I cruised home I couldn't believe it, I was so excited & ecstatic to drive that I felt my ride ended so soon. Through the Fall & Winter I went to my garage every weekend to warm it up for almost an hour. Simply just doing that I felt so happy to be there and if I have had a bad day it totally changed my mood automatically. So this past March 2015 I sold the 84 and registered my 1987 with QQ historic plates. Ever since 4 months ago I've fine tuned the engine and the entire car with new parts. I've also joined a Corvette club where I've participated in shows, parades, cruises and other events. It has been an awesome experience and so cool owning this car because of the attention I get everywhere I go and on social media. I thank the good lord each day for all he's given me… God bless all CORVETTES & classic car owners!!! 🇺🇸

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