leon g 1968 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Convertible

My Dream Car ( Lola )

Why take a 1967 Mustang and transform into a 68’ Shelby GT 350 as your very first Mustang? For the love of the Pony. Leon Griffith, who resides in Arizona but originates from the automobile capital of Michigan, grew up with a love for the Stang. With its sleek lines and dominating appearance, at the age of thirteen Griffith became mesmerized with this ride. Promising himself back then that one day he would have his very own pony.

Fast forward 37 years to Griffith’s 50th birthdays. Griffith who had through the years worked in collision repair shops never lost his dream of owning his very own Shelby GT 350. So the time came when Griffith was able to make that long dream a reality. However Griffith took a unique route in purchasing his very first Stang. A fan of the classic Mustangs Griffith choose to purchase a ’67 and transform the car into a 68’ tribute Shelby GT 350. Not the normal route for a first time Mustang owner. Not only opting to choose a classic but to take on a full restore project this was Griffith’s 50th birthday present to himself.

Griffith stripped down the 67’ and the transformation began. Griffith has transformed every inch of this ride and stayed true to the use of all Shelby parts for the interior and exterior. His goal was to build it as Shelby himself would have. This includes a complete Shelby interior install down to the Shelby gauges, authentic paint scheme, front end, swaybars, control arms, and most recently Griffith has dropped in a 302 J-code bored 0.060 over motor, period correct for the ride, along with a 480 lift Comp cam, Comp timing chain set, 7-quart cobra oil pan, disc brakes, Ford aftermarket high rise intake, Flamethrower ignition, headers, and new exhaust from Flowmaster. Every inch of this ride has been overhauled and transformed into a 68’ Shelby Gt 350.

Griffith during his four year project received the blessing of Carol Shelby, Diana Day, “Shelby’s personal assistant during the 60s and 70s,” and the legend Bob Bondurant. Griffith at a signing in Las Vegas met Mr. Shelby at which time he had Mr. Shelby sign his headrest and shared photos of his ride, “Lola” and talked about the tribute restore with Mr. Shelby. Griffith thinking life could not get any better, attended Bob Bondurant’s 80th birthday bash. During the bash he also obtained Bondurants signature on the dash of Lola, and had a chance to chat with Bondurant about the project as well as Diana Day. All giving Lola, “The 68’ Shelby Gt tribute,” their stamp of approval. Diana Day also took Griffith up on the offer to take a spin in Lola at which time Griffith made a lasting friend.

Griffith, this all American kid from the auto capital of the world, made his Mustang dream a reality. Taking on a major project as a first time Mustang owner, diving right into the Mustang scene. Today . You can find Griffith and Lola spending their weekends on the show circuit and participating in local drives and cruises. As you can imagine this ride draws a lot of the attention at the shows and is well on its way to filling a room full of trophies. At the end of the day Griffith looks fondly upon Lola as he tucks her in and understands how the spirit of the Mustang moves your soul. Griffith’s is one of the unique stories inspired from 50 years of the Mustang. So many memories and moment 50 years of the Mustang. So many memories and moments created from this special ride each special and unique.

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