Jim W 1957 Buick Super Model 53 4dr Riviera Hardtop

Never fool your father!

Dad bought a 57 Buick Super 4-door hardtop the week they came out. Man, was he proud of it! - we all were! I was 16 at the time and he carpooled to work. When it was his turn to drive, he'd let me take him and his coworkers to work so I could have the car at school! What a guy! The car had all the bells and whistles - including the Wonderbar radio - the one with the foot control under the brake pedal. We put floor mats in the car the day we picked it up at the dealership. The 2nd time I drove him and his buddies to work, I asked Dad if he knew about the 'Wonderbar' radio - and no, he didn't know anything about it. As we drove, I said 'watch how it works' - and as I waved my hand over the radio (and pushed the floor button to change stations) his eyes almost popped out! When he tried to show some of his other friends how the radio worked, it just didn't work for him (grin!) After about a week, I leveled with him and showed him the floor button. Yep - I got yelled at! (BIG grin). 3 of his carpool friends had GM cars with that feature and they almost ripped a stitch laughing when he told them what I had done! PS - I didn't get to drive the new car for a while!.........but it was a cool 'trick'! ...and yes, it impressed my dates as well!

Jim Wolford

Houston, Texas



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