George H 1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 2dr Sport Coupe

Dad's Day!

I grew up in a small town in Pa during the sixties.. My dad never bought a new car during his lifetime. My grandfather was a Ford salesman for 0ver 50 years. When ever a clean, one owner car came in, my grandfather would have the shop check it over, throw on a dealer tag and drive it to my house for my father to see. My dad had many nice cars, most which are today's Classics.The first memory, other than pic's was a 1950 Ford coupe, black on white/black. The second was a 1954 coupe, followed by a 1957 Ford, 2 door hard top. A real beauty. The next I remember was a 1963 Ford, 500 Fairlane ,XLT. What a beauty that was with bucket seats, auto with a console, power windows, seats, all the bells & whistles. He really enjoyed that one for a few years.

One Saturday morning, a 1968 slate gray coupe pulled in. Black leather interior, auto on the floor with a console, all the bells and whistles, but when he saw the 442 badge on the fender, his eyes opened wide. What a beauty, this topped all others. I was 15, too young to drive, but we went cruising thru the town for a long time. Finally he headed out of town, and on a country road, he sopped in the middle of the street, thru it in park and said hope over, give it a try. I got so excited I floored it and burnt rubber for about a hundred feet. That's when I learned what a posi rear was all about. He never yelled at me for burning rubber but only said the tires won't last long doing that. What a great day for the both of us. There has been many more cars since then, mostly Ford's, mustang, there was a Buick, another olds, too many to mention, but never another 442 Olds. That was the icing on the cake. I remember the day he put it up for sale but he wouldn't let me have it because he said, you will kill yourself, who knows, he may have been right.

That same year I bought my first Ford, a 1956 two door hardtop. 292 C.I. with auto trans. My friend and I went the junk yard, bought the conversion and became 3 speed on the floor. I drove it during high school, Saturday date nites, and Sunday drag races. I won many trophies with Ford and many fond memories but not like the ones with my Dad and the 442.

My Dad is 90 years old and still drives. Happy Fathers Day Dad, and thanks for the 442 memories!

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