Doug C 1950 Chevrolet 3100 pick up truck five window

Blessing or miracle you be the judge.

My father and I worked several years on a dream truck that he had always wanted to restore. It was a 1950 Chevrolet 5 window 3100 pickup. We actually found the starter truck in my wife's family, so it is part of both our families. It took five trucks to bring this truck to a near original restoration traveling as far as South Dakota to get rust free parts (no body filler in this truck). My father came to me and wanted to give me the truck since it was becoming more than he could take care. He was sick and wasn't telling anyone about his illness. I told him I could not let him just give it to me and I didn't have the money at the time to buy it from him. I told him that if he needed to maybe he should sell it. He did sell it and not long after my dad passed away. My dad was my best friend and I missed him dearly, as well as that old truck. There were many great memories associated with this truck for my famity and I. My children had grown up watching and helping my Dad and I restore this truck. So, I decided to find a truck for my only son and I to restore together. After a lot of time spent looking, one evening I just happened to get on EBay and saw this truck that looked just like my dad's. Even the story matched about how it took five trucks to put this truck together. So, the next morning I called the owner and told him who I was and asked if he had bought this truck from my dad. He said that he had. I asked if I could buy the truck back and he agreed. It is back in my family now and the man who bought the truck from my dad gave me everything that my dad had given him, trophies and all. When it came time to pick the truck up I took my mom, my sisters and most of my family with me. I had told no one that I had bought it back, keeping it a surprise. When my family and I saw the truck sitting out by the road there wasn't a dry eye in the group. That truck was and is so important to all of us as it was a part of our husband, dad, and grandfather.

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