Terry T 1974 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

stringray 454 1974

I had have dreamed of someday getting a 1974 corvette stingray, with the 454 big block. It was the car I dreamed of since high school graduation 1974, and in 2005 my dreamed of owning one became a reality with the help of my brother in-law.

The corvette is white with red interior, all original parts and no modifications made to it. I am the third owner of this car. The mileage at time of purchase was 55,300 and is now 57,900 miles. It is storage in a garage during winter months, and is never parked outside, or driven in the rain.

The car is only driven strictly for pleasure. It has never been washed other than wiped down after outings using armoral auto glass spray. It is road inspected and serviced (oil change) annually.

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