leonard f 1995 Chevrolet C1500 1/2 Ton 2dr Pickup


There I was leaving my house going on a drive in my neon coming up to a corner that I go by every day and there it was my truck just like the one I gave my son but this one was a lot nicer my old truck was a V-6 and a stick this one was V-8 and a automatic so I had to call so I could test drive this one.Once I went on my drive it was going to be mine I was not going to let this 1 get away it road like a new truck it had cruse control air conditioning power breaks it only had 2 owners and they were both in there 70 tys and the truck was garaged it,s hole life so we haggled for a few about the price and then it was mine my son was mad at me after he saw my new truck but he relied after all that I did for his truck he was happy and so am I I love this truck so I went and had 1 ton tow package put on it trailer breaks new 373 gears posies rear end and you cant even tell that it was done to it and I love the paint that is the same as the day he bought it with very little damage to it it,s sweet I LOVE IT.

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