Robert A 1962 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

A Life Long Love Affair

I've loved Corvettes from the first day they were introduced in 1953. As a teenager I dreamed of someday owning one. In the spring of 1962 the local Chevrolet dealer had a new, white, 1962 Corvette setting in the front window of his showroom for what seemed like an eternity. I would often drive out of my way to go by the dealership just to get another look at it. Each time I did it was as though the car was calling my name. I was 22, single and had a good job. Finally I could resist no longer. I stopped in to inquire about the car and ended up making it mine. It was equipped with the standard 250 HP engine with a four speed transmission. It had a black interior and the wonder bar radio. I opted not to get the optional hard top.

I enjoyed that car for approximately a year when I received a letter from Uncle Sam ordering me to report to my local draft board for induction into the armed services. I was making car payments of $100 per month and Uncle Sam was paying me $78 per month. I couldn't figure out how to make those numbers work, so, sadly, I had to sell my Corvette.

In the intervening years I've owned two C6's. In the fall of 2004 I was in a doctor's waiting room reading about the engineering that went into the new C6. I told my wife "I have to have that car." In January I purchased one. I enjoyed that for five years then traded it for a 2008 Z06. In 2013 I decided I was too old to be driving Corvettes any longer so I sold the Z06. That lasted about a year. I have always considered the first generation a classic body style so I started shopping for a restored 1962. I found just what I was looking for in 2014 in Mansfield, Ohio. It was a body off restoration in 2007. It's Roman Red with red interior, has the 340 HP engine with four speed transmission, wonder bar radio and optional hard top. I've replaced the generator with an alternator and I've installed electronic ignition. I get great enjoyment out of displaying it at shows and cruise-ins. It gets its share of road time. I love driving it and it never fails to generate a conversation where ever I take it.

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