Michael L 1969 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Rare Corvettes this time ? Here's one.

I may not own it, but I get to restore it. A 1969 427 4-speed convertible, with leather and a 3.70 posi. Not exactly a barn-find, but from New York to Florida, to California, it is now in a clean, modern warehouse. It was to get a new radiator... the owner took the valve covers off,and there was a broken valve spring, took the intake off, and broke an intake bolt, I took the head off, and the cylinder was scored. The oil pan comes off easily on these Corvettes, and there were piston and ring pieces in the bottom . The owner didn't mind having me repair the engine damage, he was going to drive it, and after all...this was a numbers matching original. With the alternator off, the block was hand-stamped with CE 454/365...a '73 LS-5. Checking the casting number on the bellhousing flange, it was a '289' block, ordinary 454 for many 1973 Chevrolets.

I hate to bring you the bad news... but it is not matching numbers. the damper was small, the crank is steel, so a 454 block has a 427 crank assembly in it, replacing the 427 block, apparently at a Chevrolet dealership in 1973. This is a very early '69, with a block made only for one month. Slim odds to find the correct casting #. Online he finds a correct block number, and even a proper date code casting, just before the car was built. Some people are blessed. Shipped from New York, I had it bored from 060 out to 080, line honed, decked, like new from Valley Head Service, Northridge, our convenient hometown. Full rebuild, balancing, and on the dyno at Bob Lambecks' (famous for factory-sponsored 426 race Hemis') with dyno race headers, it made 377 HP, just short of the factory rating of 390. We can still tune it more in the car, dyno time is expensive. Volunteer Corvette supplied most of the restoration parts for my nit-picky restorations; ( I have won Best-of-Show).

The finished rolling chassis sits glowing with new and old chrome, all summer for the fiberglass man to smooth it out and paint the original white, then new saddle tan leather. I can smell the rubber burning for the test drive. Trailer Queen ? Baby it ? Not a chance, I'm from Detroit. Restorations are just to pay the rent, I,m a machinist and fabricator, muscle cars are meant to be modified, on steroids, and driven full throttle at max RPM. Email me.

Sincerely, Michael. Hagerty customer and Car builder since 1963.

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