Charles K 1954 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Roadster


My first car was a 1947 Studebaker Commander Convertible. The mid 50's was a time of customizing, and the poor Stude became a victim. Since I needed something else to drive a friend suggested a Corvette as at that time, 1955, it's future was still in doubt, at least to the public. I looked around for several months, saw a few, but something or other turned me off, until I got a call about one and looked. I became a proud 3rd owner on February 9, 1956. THe poor Stude ended up in the junk yard. I am now in my 60th year of ownership. During that earlier time most of the girls I dated I did in that car, blew the engine, put in a 261 truck block and exchanged the Powerglide for a three speed. With 242,000 miles I've crossed the country from Pittsburgh to Arizona or back 5 time in earlier years. It attracts attention, I always get thumbs up or comments on a drive so it's name is Ego Trip, and the AZ license; MEMORYS

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