Chuck M 1950 Willys Willys First Series 2dr Station Wagon


At the age of 14 and 15 I worked in a Philips 66 station after school and weekends, pumping gas, fixing flats, doing oil changes and lube jobs. Saving money to buy my first car at age 16.

The first Saturday of every month without fail, Bob brought in his 1953 Corvette for me to lube and change the oil. Always with Royal Triton purple, nothing else would do.

As my 16th approached Bob announced that he wanted to sell the Corvette for $800 and did I know anyone who would be interested. Of course I said that I did and it was myself. Having saved enough to make the purchase. I worked the rest of my shift as excited and giddy as a young boy can be. The only problem was getting parental approval.

That night after work I approached my father and shared the news with him. He listened appreciately and when I finished his answer was an astoundingly "No, It's a Corvette!" I explained "Dad it has the same 6 cylinder engine as your 55 sedan that you let me drive with you." Again the answer was "No, It's a Corvette!" HEARTBREAK

My first car at age 16 with dads approval was a 1952 Dodge Coronet 4 door.

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