Adam L

18 + 98 = 1st Corvette

As early as I can remember, I've had a love affair with the Chevrolet Corvette. I believe it all started in the fall of '94 when I discovered my uncle's '78 collector's edition in the garage that I was forbid to enter for fear of something happening to his beloved Corvette. At the time, I was a mischievous little 6 year old, so naturally I gained access to the forbidden garage and fell in love with the silver '78 under the cover. A few weeks later, my mother took me to a doctor's appointment. No sooner being told by the receptionist the doc was running late, he came zooming up to the office in a yellow '94 convertible. A few years later, my father brought home his first Corvette, a '76 Stingray followed by a '77 Stingray a few years after that. It began to dawn on me... I aspired to own a Corvette. My doctor owned one, my uncle did, followed by my father, who currently owns 5 Corvettes!

During high school, I took up the trade of welding on the weekends to make some pocket money at the steel company my father worked for. It came natural to me, so natural in fact, that my father helped me start my first business in '07 at the age of 18: a welding and fabrication company. It was very small and modest but provided me the means to purchase my first Corvette, which my father co-signed on the loan, a torch red '98 convertible. I kept that car for seven years and had some of the best memories of my life, thus far, with it. I ended up selling it to my father in January of '13 so it remains in his collection where I get to reminisce with it about all the great times we had in my first Corvette. I'm 26 now and I surely will have the pleasure of owning a few more Corvettes down the road.

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