Patrick K 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS 2dr Sport Coupe

An Old Friend.

It was the late 70's. Platform shoes, Disco and horsepower. My 1970 Javelin was on it's third transmission and I was lucky enough to have a friend ask me if I was interested in a 1969 RS Camaro. It had a fresh blue paint job, a big cam in a SBC (283) and a perfect black RS interior. I bought it, pulled the rally wheels and put on the steam roller Centerlines.

The Camaro took me to the prom and got me to the many jobs that it took to pay for my automotive habit.

During the mid 1980's I was working part time at an auto body shop. It was time to do a full restoration. Cowl induction hoods from Chevrolet were going for $175 at cost and fenders were available. A lot of time and preparation produced a beautiful black with silver Z striped RS Camaro.

I realized that the 283 sounded good but could not get out of it's own way. It originally came with a 327 so it was time to pick the power plant. I chose every piece from reading every Hot Rod and Car Craft that I could get my young hands on. Remember that this is before Al Gore invented the internet. I bought all the parts and went to my local machine shop and an awesome motor was born.

The TH350 got a new shift kit and the appropriate torque converter. Everything was cleaned up and put together. The Rally Wheels went back on with some Goodyear GT Radials. The Supertuner went under the dash, the Jenson's in the back and the 8 track tape player hits the trash.

What a fun car to own and drive.

Fast forward to 1997. The car still looks good but life has changed quite a bit. Numerous kids and my garage situation changed. The Camaro was out in the elements and I need a down payment on a new house.

A friend of mine's wife stopped by and makes me an offer that I can not refuse. My Camaro drives away forever. I am left with 4 pictures and a ton of beautiful memories.

Fast forward to 2014. The phone rings (OK, actually the cell phone ring tone sounds). It is the friend who's wife bought my Camaro 17 years earlier. They are buying a new car and he asked me if I wanted to buy the Camaro back. I could barely contain myself.

Not long after, I went to his house and there was my baby. Almost just like when I sold it. The same nick nacks were still in the console that I left. It had a few upgrades as expected such as new brakes, exhaust and ignition. It also had a few new mice friends that needed to be dealt with.

My buddy and I came up with a very reasonable sale price and the Camaro was mine again!

I am enjoying the Camaro tremendously. I drove it to Ocean City Cruise Week and put over 500 miles on it during that weekend. It is fun to drive and I am enjoying the special jaunts with the family.

A special thanks to my friends Danny and Susan for giving me the first shot at getting my car back!

Hope you enjoyed my story.

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