Bruce R 1964 Jaguar E-Type SI 3.8 2dr Coupe

Passing on a passion

My first memory of my dad's E-type is parked backwards watching a movie at a drive in, all four kids in the back with the massive boot hatch open. We were stuffed in there like sardines but it was the coolest seat in the house. Later I remember that Jag became our spaceship. My buddy and I would flip the toggle switches, press the buttons and blast off to distant galaxies in the hottest rocket in town. As a teenager I remember being dropped off at football practice. I would beam as I unfolded my gear from the sweetest ride in the parking lot. Now I'm older, with four kids of my own. The keys have been passed to me and I get to pass on to my children the daddy dates and the rocket rides and chance to arrive at band practice in the most beautiful car ever made.

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