George G Jaguar ss100

Jaguar - the car that Satan Loves!!

I've owned a number of Jaguars . . . which shows I'm a real optimist . . . as each on seemed to get worse than the one before yet each time I hoped that the latest would at least be somewhat better than the last. But no more. I've had it. I'm convinced that Coventry has a special arrangement with the devil who monitors one's bank account or credit card limit and whenever excess cash or available limit is detected, he causes something to break that always costs just a little bit more than you have available to fix! However my Jaguars were always an adventure - if, and that's a big IF the car got you to where you were going, there was no assurance it would get you home again. I've had XK's 120, 150 and E Type, Mark I, Mark II and Mark VII Saloons. My last one - the E Type had previously undergone a very expensive bare tub restoration . . . yet rarely drove around the block without something failing, burning or falling off. The only one that any sort of reliability at all was the one I should have NEVER sold - an unrestored SS100 - today it's worth more than my house and never ever failed or was towed during my ownership . . . but even so the driving experience as less than inspiring - spindly tall wire wheels with narrow tires provided little traction but that was ok - the steering was incredibly loose and vague, the brakes rather dodgy and it had a propensity to overheat. But other than that it was the best Jag I ever owned! From now on though I'm sticking to my 60+ year old Bentley - it has the reliability of a new Honda, the comfort of a Mercedes and performance and visual presence you'd never expect of such an old British car!

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