Steve W 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 2dr Convertible

"Dad said, take that piece of Junk back"

in 1980, a senior year in high school I made a deal to sell my 1974 Monte Carlo 350cid that my dad had helped me rebuild after the Mt Saint Helens eruption had destroyed the engine. I needed the money to get the little beauty I had my eye on, a corvette silver 68 Camaro convertable with a white top and black interior. The current owner had bought it to take the 327 block out for his 72 corvette and dropped in a small block 283, it rattled and pinged real good but boy did she have spirit.

I had someone interested in the Monte Carlo, so I asked the owner to the Camaro to drive me to agreed meeting place for the transaction, sold the car, then we stopped by the bank for the rest of the cash, all total a cool $3000. As we were finishing the transaction and title change over at his house a couple who had looked at the Camaro several times came up the drive way as I drove away in my new muscle car.

When I got home my dad immediately said, " you are not buying that, take that piece of junk back" Well I showed him the title and said i had already made the purchase, he wanted to know where the Monte was so I told him that it was sold. The war had started, about three months went by and Dad was telling his peers at work what a moron of a kid he had, regaling the story, one of his friends spoke up and said he would take it off our hands for the price I paid. This got dad thinking and for the first time he decided I had made a good trade.

well here I am 35 years later, married, 4 daughters, two grand kids and I still have my little beauty, she now sports a appropriate 327, looks a bit different, and we are two peas in a pod.

I often get offers to sale, and sometimes think i would like to get a different rod, but I wont let her go, she belongs to me.

If and when I do get another classic it will sit right next to her in the garage. then we will be 3 peas in a pod.

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