Marilyn M 1910 Stanley Steemer Model 70 20hp

Shoe Shiner Marries Bank Founder

After an eleven year run of shining boots at the local country bar, Mr. B enters wearing my all time favorite boots. The peanut brittle colored anteater. Worn by Texas oilmen, I have not seen a pair since I left Billy Bobs Texas in 1990. He refused the shine at first but I soon convinced him. During the shine he announced that he was there looking for a new lady. I proceeded to ask what kind of lady that he wanted to meet. Would he like to meet a blonde, brunette or red head? His answer was "you'll do". I laughed it off and continued to shine his boots. He asked about myself and I told him that I was an actress. He invited me to go to work on a film called Saving Mr. Banks that he was booked on with his car and said that I could go in as a car wrangler. I immediately accepted his offer and told him that I would like to go to breakfast with him. When he paid for the shine, he handed me a twenty dollar bill and stated that "there's plenty more of those where that came from". (He denies that he said that, but he did.) As we approached my Red 08 Saturn SKY, he announced that the SKY was his favorite modern car. He test drove one and had the brochure on the desk at home. At breakfast I informed Mr. B that my birth name was Carr. We made a date for the following Wednesday. He promised that if I came over, that I would see things that I have never seen before. My address was 4343 Street and his was 3434 Street.

When I arrived to his home on that first morning, I was wearing my pajamas, hair a mess and holding my parakeets cage. I never thought that he would end up as my husband. But I continued to explain that I was setting off fumigation at my trailer and needed to bring the birds somewhere. Those birds never left and now they live in a giant parrot cage in the kitchen.

I discovered that Mr. B was in the antique auto restoration business. He began to show me his collection and he did live up to his promise. I had never seen anything like this before.

At the filming of Saving Mr. Banks the Stanley Steamer was the star of the show. Many of the Horseless Carriage Club members were also there with their autos. We were on the back lot of Universal Studios. The space shuttle Discovery was flying piggyback on the 747 overhead while we were shooting the film causing a big distraction. The Stanley is also featured in the Seabiscuit movie. The scene called for Jeff Bridges to disassemble the car but in fact Mr. B did it behind the scenes. The 1910 Stanley Steamer was used in other films from when it belonged to MGM Studios as a movie car. Summer Holiday with Mickey Rooney and The Last Virginian with Harry Morgan to name a few. It was auctioned in 1971 when MGM liquidated. Mr. B acquired it after that and restored it to its present condition.

Our first Thanksgiving together he proposed to me. At Christmas we attended the annual Holiday dinner at Jay Leno's Garage, since it happens that he has known him for over two decades and professes to have taught him how to operate the first steam car he bought. The theme of the party was Steam Punk. On our first New Years Day we drove the Mayor of Pasadena in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Mr.B's 1930 Lincoln touring car. I am proud to announce that we became husband and wife on our first Valentines Day. We wed in the church that his parents were co-founders of from the 1950's. When we got to the church found out that he had married his first wife there 40 yrs ago as he also found out that I had married a previous husband on Valentines Day. We both have a great sense of humor because the conversation went...So, you marry all your wives here? His answer was yes, well so do you marry all your husbands on Valentines Day.

The Holiday Motor Excursion has stopped to our garage all three years that I have lived here. Sometimes he lets me drive.

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    Al Rustad Edmonds, Washington May 28, 2015 at 01:28
    The antique car in the photo is a steam car, but it is a White, not a Stanley. White was a far more technically advanced steam car than Stanley, but stopped steamer production after 1910

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