Travis D 1954 Chevrolet Series 3100 1/2 Ton 2dr Pickup

She's Done Her Time, Now She's Mine

There were only about 10 months where this specific truck was made and it is a very unique one thanks to the Korean War. In the Fall of 1954 to the Summer of 1955, this truck with this grille along with all of the other unique things about it was produced before the Task Force Series trucks came along. I wondered why my granddad kept the truck and never sold it. He even had a 1957 1/2 ton chevy with the wide back glass window and a 4 speed, but even that one was sold and the 54 stayed on the farm. I couldn't figure out why that truck stayed for so long and never left until these last couple of years. My granddad drove that truck into the ground. He used it every day according to my dad. When I inherited it, the odometer said 94,510.1 and who knows if it had rolled over once before that. The engine had been bored as far as it could go, meaning that it had been rebuilt at least twice. When the engine finally gave out and my dad and my uncle were born, money had to go to family matters and the truck sat with a cracked head as well as a transmission that wouldn't stay in 2nd gear. Years went by and the truck sat. When my dad was of age, he started college in an automotive tech program and set out to try and restore this old truck. They towed it 30 miles to the school where he would begin work on it. About that time, I came along and my dad dropped out of school because he was making more money in the factory than what he believed his mechanic career could pay him as well as having a lot less physical stress. My mom finished college, but my dad never went back and so the 54 came back to the farm and sat once again. I remember as a kid, that truck would never move. It never even budged from that spot to even mow around it. It just sat year after year in the snow and in the summer heat, waiting sadly for someone to give it a second chance. My granddad never wanted my dad or my uncle to put money into that truck when me and my brother were born. He told them that their money should be spent on family and that the truck would wait. In 2008 my grandmother passed away. My granddad and her were married 50 years and it was devastating to him. 2 days later he would take his life in his own hands after suffering heavy loss. My Uncle then inherited half of everything on the farm, including the 54 Chevy. He had plans to fix it up and even got an LMC Truck catalog for it, but it was like there was something holding him back and he never spent the time or money on it. In the spring of 2012, my uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given less than 6 months to live. In July of 2013 he passed away, leaving everything to my dad. I never wanted to benefit from a family member's death, but I begged my uncle to sell me that truck and he never would. My dad knows how much I love this truck, so I inherited it. I am currently in the process of restoration on the truck and I have a long way to go, but I can tell you that when I do get it done, I am giving Hagerty a call. I want my baby taken care of for me and my family to come. I can't wait to take a road trip hauling a pop-up behind it and spending summer nights at the drive-in movie.

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