Michael L 1965 Chevelle '300' 2 dr station wagon

Carbon footprint ? These 12" treads will show you some.

Cool Chevelle Story:

"California Dreamin" is something I sang along with in 1965 Ann Arbor. In '85, I got there. Imagining a car project, and L.A. still crawling with muscle cars, I saw a '65 Chevelle 2d wagon in Venice Beach. That's the one, I want it. It disappeared shortly after. Taking a wrong turn on a bicycle, I saw it again over a fence, front end wrecked and no engine, and the owner said "Free without the E-T wheels, and $75 with. I came right back with $75. These cars are now (in 2015) valued at $12,000, low blue book. I still have it after 30 years even though I was so poor I slept in it for 6 months.

I bought a '69 Impala for $75 with a bad starter, and the Chevelle starter was left in the back when I bought it. E-T wheels, GTO bucket seats, B&M shifter, sold them all, 350/275 into the Chevelle and it runs. Net cost to drive it, about $50. After 2 small blocks and 5 big blocks, I have all the parts for a 100 over 454, (476) Rectangle, Lunati, Edelbrock, Hooker, J&E, Eagle, you know... At Pick-Your-Part long ago, I bought a 3.91 posi, 12" Pro-Tracs on 10" Keystones, 9" T/A s on 8" Keystones, and '73 swivel buckets, all for about $300. Those days are long gone, PYP now only has your 2005 Ford Exploder, and other scrap metal.

It's now a 454, tunnel ram, 2 AFBs' racey cam, yadda yadda, and yeah it's a smoggy dog, but is smog-exempt, and I only drive a hundred miles a year. Carbon footprint ? These 12"ers will put it all over the road. And oh yes, it has quick-ratio power steering and a 1" Aadco rear sway bar. It will (4 wheel) drift, burn circles like Nascar, rumbles enough to make high school girls turn their heads, and is a thrill to drive. Selling price? Don't bother. Insured by Hagerty.

Sincerely, Michael

Car Builder since 1963.

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