Craig H 1973 Chevrolet Nova SS 2dr Hatchback Coupe

1973 Nova SS "Finished in Memory of my Grandfather"

This is my 1973 Nova SS. My grandfather bought this for me when I turned 16 for $350.00 from one of his best friends and gave it to me as my daily driver. At this time it was in pretty rough shape. Primed black with Crager SS wheels. We could not leave it this way so we took it Earl Sheib Paint shop and paid $199.00 for a pretty rough paint job. With TLC I ended up driving this car all through high school and college. My grandfather and I always wanted to restore this car together but never had the chance before he passed after years of suffering from Lung Cancer. After 3 years of body work and restoration in various shops we know have the finished product. His favorite color was blue so I found the best blue that best fit the car and this is what we came up with (VooDoo Blue). So in memory of my grandfather we now have a 1973 Nova SS with a 383 stroker motor that is not rough anymore. He would be proud!

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