Fred B 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

One car i dreamed about as i grew up...

Thank you for reading this short history of my life of cars. My grandfather drove me around as a child and those summer trips with him and my grandmother / family. Fishing together and going to camp. When he passed away in 1983 my grandmother traded his 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight in because it was too much of a car for her age and did not need such a big car for her to use. I remember being just heart broken when my mom took me for my last ride that one night summer in spring 1986. This car may not be a four door like he had and it may not be the same car. But, the day my wife and I went to look at it. I got in the car closed my eyes and just sat there. The smell of the car with my eyes closed just blows my mind. I was jumped back into time and was a kid again. I did not even try to fight the price or think twice about it. The car was a 9.5 and it was bought and sold to me from the first owner. A little Italian woman never drove it in the snow and it believe it or not never drove it in the rain. I was thankful for the history she shared and the time warp I experience everyday with this car. In 2004 my grandmother gave me her 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera that she bought when she traded the 1972 in on. I learned how to drive in the 1986 and so many trips we took together since the day she bought it. Then I 2008 I bought my great grandmothers 1947 two door Chevy fleetline that has been in the family since new. I have got the 47 on the road yet this year. But, I have most of my family’s history that I can ride with my memories and share them with my daughter so she can do the same someday.

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