Chris M 1982 Fiat 124 Spider 2dr Convertible

My Girl from Italy

I've been buying, fixing, then selling cars for 30 years. Had gone through the muscle car phase with big block Chevells, then jumped into the Corvette market. Enjoyed taking them to local car events and shows. Exchanged a lot of great stories with people. I wanted to get into the British car market after a short stay in the UK while in the military. A good friend has an MGB and is active with the British car market. He called me one day and said he had a car for me. Picked me up, drove me to a little home in a rural setting. Saw a sign when we pulled in that said " yard sale". Pulled into the drive and behind the house in the back yard was the " Italian girl". Looked it over, drove it, threw out a price, had the owner call me the next day and she was mine. Now like most Italian women, she had to look great if going out, so fresh paint (new dress), new tires (new shoes), new carpet and seats recovered (hair & makeup), do you see where this is going, after a rolling restoration, she's beautiful, or bellisimo! I love driving this little car. Runs great and gets lots of looks. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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