Charles J C 1971 Pontiac GTO 2dr Coupe

Dreams can come true.

In 1969 i was drafted into the military,at the time my older brother owned a 1968 GTO he was thinking about selling it so i told him i would buy it. It happened that his wife could not drive a stick and i believe never wanted to learn how.After basic i was sent to Vietnam and while there learned my brother had traded the GTO in.I was very disappointed and so i made up my mind to save as much as i could and buy my own if and when i came back.I came home in Dec.1970 and had saved money and had sent it to my mother around $1200.00.I found a dealer and went looking for one.I knew what i wanted a stick with a console.The business did not have one but tracked one down for me and for $50.00 would go and get it.My friend told me the car was just up the road and so we traveled to the dealer.He had just two on the lot one was without a console the other one did so we bargained for the one and came to an deal.To get to the details i drove the car and had many great experiences.I bought a truck and let the car sit,i then decided to fully restore it.I knew little about restoration so i took it to a friend of mine and he started the job.To my sadness he had a heart attack and passed away.Now i'm stuck i decided to finance the job little by little as so not to cost me as much It wasn't till while delivering mail on my route i came across one of my customers working on a old car.While talking i mentioned i had started restoring my 1971 GTO,his face lit up like a kid getting candy.I told him my problem and asked if he would be interested he said yes i told him i wanted it done as close as possible to stock,frame off no holds barred he agreed,and so he started.I checked on progress every day and he seemed very knowledgeable about cars.Well to end my story it took many years but i didn't care for i paid him as not to hurt my family money wise.Everyone tells me the car looks great and when i first took it out for a drive many many memories flashed through my mind of my youth.I hope all enjoyed my story and can recall theirs both good and sometimes in life bad ones.

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