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Just another day at work, but went home with an awesome find

We have owned a Carpet and Upholstery/Restoration cleaning business for 30 years now, so I am in a lot of houses every week.

This particular day I arrived for the cleaning job. After my pre-inspection of the job, I asked if I could route our cleaning hoses from the van to inside through the garage. No problem. As I open the door to the garage, I couldn't help but notice a shinny red Nissan 300-ZX, 2 + 2 coupe, 5-speed, sitting in the third garage bay, with a for sale sign in the window. It looked to be in excellent condition, but I was there to clean, so I had time to think about that while I was working.

After I finished cleaning, I was talking to the client about his 300-ZX, the history of it, etc. Turns out he was the second owner. The first owner was OCD about the car and had every service record, which he showed me, and so he bought it for his wife, who didn't drive it a lot because it was a stick.

Long story short, I went back the next day, had to replace the battery, and drove it home.

I have owned several muscle cars over the years - 5 Corvettes (including 2- different '63 Split Window Coupes), a '68 ram air GTO convertible with 433 rear end, and close ratio 4-speed, a '68 Camaro 327 4-speed, and a '65 Mustang 289 auto convertible.

Some of these cars were faster than the Z, but none of them handles like the Z does on the road, especially curvy roads. It is literally glued to the road when you're driving it, and it has a real sports car feel because of the extreme low center of gravity.

I also have a '65 Buick Skylark 2-door coupe with a 310 Wildcat motor that I also bought from a client's garage, with 89,000 original miles, who happend to be the original owner of the car (an older couple who both had passed away).

Sure I wish I would have kept both of those '63 Vettes, but i am very happy with my 2 toys.

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