Rex R 1972 Datsun 240Z 2dr Coupe

My 240Z

In the Summer of 1973, I was out of work as a substitute school teacher so was hired as a Datsun salesman. It was a very good learning experience. I learned that car dealerships are a good place to buy a used car since they aren't emotionally attached to it. They need to sell it so the buyer has the advantage with cash in hand.

I learned that Datsuns are mechanically strong and the 240Z, at $2605 was a great buy. I also learned the earlier versions were lighter and performed better. A few years later, I looked hard and found an original 1972 240Z, white, with the burgundy interior. All other colors had either white or black, except the BRG which had a saddle interior. Since the paint was weak, it was difficult to find one with original paint, which this one still had, showing no rust or body work.

A small amount of interior work was needed and when repainted, it was a perfect machine for me. When it reached 200,000 miles, it still drove tight. As family needs changed, (I needed more seats), I sold the car but never forgot it.

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