Michael B 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero 2dr Pickup

40 years and second owner and counting.

from ex-father-in-law in approximatel y 1975 . He never maintained anything. When I got it it had no emergency brake and the park pin in the transmission was broken off. He used to park it on a slight incline facing upwards and would then put a piece of two-by-four under the front tire as he opened the driver's door. The car had one foot in the grave, and the other foot on the edge of the grave. The car had three different colors. He just gave it to me during my marriage to his daughter. I could see the potential. All of the badges, chrome trim, and stainless steel trim was there. It just needed tlc. Over the years I worked on it continuously. When I divorced in 1999 my ex- told the judge she wanted it. The judge said "Mr. Buroker is keeping his car". Since that time I have installed a bored and stroked 302 with C-4 transmission ; 9" front and rear disc brakes; rear stabilizer bar; new paint (1987 Toyota Super Red); red tuck-and-roll interior; 1" whitewalls; accessory original wishbone rally wheels. This car is a daily driver in the nice weather and never goes out in the rain. I have an original owner's manual and shop manual for it. It also sports an original hood ornament. It's a lot of fun to drive. It has a 1982 Lincoln Versailles rearend and has topend to keep up with all the modern cars on the freeway. Got the pinkslip on it and can work on it myself and can get normal size hands and tools inside the engine compartment. FYI don't have to wear seatbelts, just drive defensively and with a whole lot of common sense. That's the story.

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