Ron A 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 2dr Sport Coupe

My First Love

My very first car was bought with the help of my Mom and Dad when I was in high school. It was a 66' Impala SS with a 396cid with a 4 barrel, 325 hp. It was my first love, it was the car that my Dad taught me how to care for and maintain. I had it for about 3 years and then owning a van was the "in thing". So I traded off my first love for a 73' Dodge van. After a few years, my old Impala kept popping into my mind and my desire of owning one started me checking car trader magazines and the internet for another one. I did not have my Vin numbers from my old one to pursuit that avenue. So for the next 20 some years of finding and door knocking to look at Impalas for sale I had decided that I had enough and told my wife that I was done trying to find one. That very night I went to Craig's list and BOOM. There was one that looked real good here in Oceanside, CA. When my wife took a look at the listing, she asked me 2 questions. The first one was if it had a white interior. I said yes. The next was, did you call them yet? The car was equipped the way my first car was except no A/C. The car was built here in LA and tracking the history of the car, was in the state of Washington for a bit, then Arizona, and then back to California. After we bought it, we had a six month restoration done with a Ruby red exterior paint job and with the Craiger wheels already on it, I was trying to keep it looking pretty stock. So now when I do work on it, the presence of my Dad is felt like he is looking over my shoulder and instructing me on what to do next. So even though I let my first love go, I will not make the same mistake twice. This Impala is here to stay.

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