Jim L 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 2dr Coupe

My first car, was an SS

The fall of '69 I started 12th grade High school, I was 17. Through the years I saved up money to buy a car!! My brothers friend was selling his 1969 red Nova SS 350-4bbl auto, rally wheels w/black interior, with 12,000 miles. The sale price was $2,100, my dad talked him down to $2,050 because it was missing two rally wheel center caps. I really don't think dad knew this car had 300hp, because if he did I probably wouldn't have been able to get it. After getting the car I felt good in being able to join my other friends with their cars re; '69 Vette 435hp, '68 Camaro Z-28 just to name a couple. We enjoyed going up and down Woodward Ave either racing, going to some place to hang out. Sad, because this was the 'tail end' years of the big cruising. Now a days, I still like going to the 'Ave' in my '63 Pontiac GP but just park and no more street racing.

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