Jack R 1980 Triumph TR7 2dr Convertible


A 1980 Triumph TR7 30th Aniv. Edition DHC purchased Sept 11, 1980 off the showroom floor new. Has ben driven as an every day driver, fun tourer, rally car, track car ,and show car. She has done al this and more, she's part of the family, and is now having a complete well deserved engine overhaul with a few rewards added, high comp. pistons, a modified head with upgraded cam, recurved distributor, new carb needles, and tune. with dual exhaust The PRL now has 150K of trouble free miles on the clock, which is amazing for a British Sports Car that has been run at speed at Sebring, Roebling Road, Road Atlanta, and Daytona. She is also the winner of the Florida Cannon Ball Rally a no holds bared race across the State, and won the fastest car prize beating a Jaguar XJS by 100 sec. She is also a beauty queen at Concourse Shows, winning over 30 prizes. What a RIDE.!!! Here's to another 35 years as my Grandson will take over after I'm long gone. Jack Rusell

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