Bill W 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Tudor Sedan

An A built for a double amputee

When I was in high school, two of my best friends were the sons of the local auctioneer. He was always buying odd things and he got a Model A built for a guy with no legs. Now driving a car isn't so hard but a Model A - YIKES! They lived on a dead end road which was our test track. What a circus. I guess if you had three or maybe four hands it would have been easier but with a hand clutch, hand throttle , gear shift and steering wheel and the A's skinny tires and wobbly front end, it was a death trap on wheels. I'm sure the original owner got very good at it and speeds were lower then, but we spent more time off the road than on it. Two of us could almost manage it but thank god they never let us loose on the highway. The dad eventually unloaded it on some museum for about 10 times what he paid for it and we moved on to his next acquisition - a 1936 Packard Town Car with no brakes.

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