Tony R 1929 Ford Model A 4dr Town Sedan

My right hand drive Model A

While serving in the Navy in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1969 I was passed on the road by a nice green Model A sedan. They drive on the wrong side of the road down there so the car was right hand drive. The Model A's were made in Detroit and sent to New Zealand as kits and assembled there. All the trim screws used a square headed driver. That and the right hand drive were the only differences. While I was back in Antarctica flying for Operation Deepfreeze a Kiwi friend located the car and when I got back to Christchurch I was able to buy it. I was the 18th owner and the car had always been on the road as an everyday car. When it was time to relocate back to the USA I was able to ship the car home on a Navy freighter only because it was originally made in the USA. The freighter discharged the car at Quonset Point Naval Air Station but when I tried to drive off the base I was not allowed to leave. When you enter a Naval Air Station you get a temporary gate pass. I could not leave until I surrendered the pass. The Marine Guard could not understand that the car had not arrived thru his gate and was adamant that I surrender the pass. I had to appeal to the base Commander to get the car out. I spent the summer restoring the cosmetics and drove it happily for another two years. The town sedan has a blind rear quarter behind the rear door where normally a small window would be. Since the car was right hand drive that blind spot made it very difficult to switch from the right lane to the left lane. The only practical way was to sort of drift leftwards and see if someone honked. Now with small children this seemed like a bad idea so, very sadly, I drove to Atlanta and sold the car in one of the very early Cruse auctions. It was a wonderful car.

The 1928 Sport Coupe in the picture was my 14th birthday present from my mother. I wanted a Model A to take apart and restore. I found one in a junkyard but my father thought I really wanted the car to drive illegally so they found a much more expensive very nice driveable car so I would be safe. Boy, was he mad when I took it apart anyway. I was the second owner of this very early A or maybe AR. It had the hole where the early parking brake attached on the left side by the door and the red steering wheel. I restored this car many times an finally sold it after 20 plus years.

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