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A Porsche Story

A Porsche Story

In the fall of 1972 I ordered a bright yellow 1973 Corvette coupe to replace my 1967 black Corvette convertible. The Chevrolet dealer said it would be delivered in the upcoming Spring, just in time for the beginning of prime driving season in my Southern New England home state of Connecticut.

When the following April rolled around I began calling the Chevrolet dealer to find out when my new Corvette would be delivered. After several weeks and multiple calls, I found out that the dealer had oversold his allotment of Corvettes for the 1973 model year and GM would not deliver the car to my dealer, furthermore GM would not tell my dealer where the car was going to be delivered so I could not track it down and negotiate to buy it. Being 24 years old I was very disappointed not to have my new Corvette, especially at the start of Summer.

After repeatedly hearing me bemoan the loss of my new Corvette my girl friend Judy, who two years later became my wife, suggested that I go look for another new car. Never a big fan of my 1967 Corvette, or Corvettes in general for that matter, she suggested I look at a Porsche. So with that encouragement and a little nudging we were off to the local Porsche dealership, Ted Trudon Porsche-Audi in Talcottville, CT.

Upon arriving at the Porsche dealer, there were several new 1973 911 coupes on the showroom floor, all looking very European and quite pricy. Soon a salesman approached and asked if he could help us, opening himself up to becoming the latest person to hear my tail of new car disappointment. At the conclusion of my story I further observed that of all the new 911’s at the dealership, none were my desired color of yellow. With that a smile emerged on the salesman’s face as he told us they had a yellow 911 in the back which the dealer was using as a demonstrator. Would I like him to bring it around for us to see…absolutely!

Shortly, around the corner of the service department came a Signal Yellow 1973 911T with the “S” trim package, alloy wheels, the aluminum caliper “S” brake package, and heavy duty front and rear sway bars. Visions of my "still born" Corvette began to rapidly fade from memory! “Take it for a spin” the salesman said as he climbed out of the driver’s side door, handing me the keys. By the time we returned to the dealership I couldn’t spell the word Corvette, the 911 was amazing.

Over the next 24 hours Judy and I did a lot of math to see how I could afford to purchase a car that was approximately equal to my entire yearly salary .… $9,625.00. After some creative negotiating with the Porsche dealer, including swapping the Porsche alloys for 6’’ steel wheels with moon type Porsche hub caps, and replacing the Becker Mexico 4 channel stereo AM/FM cassette deck for a Becker Europa AM/FM stereo radio, the total delivered price including dealer prep, tax and title (including a $135.50 demonstrator discount) was down to $9,016.00. On May 29, 1973 I became the proud owner of a new Signal Yellow 1973 Porsche 911T, a car that I still have to this very day.

During the remainder of the 70’s and through the mid 80’s this car has travelled to the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, the “Schaffer 500” Indy car race at Pocono, Pa., numerous sports car races at Lime Rock Park, Ct., and on several occasions the Indy “500”. Over the last 39 years due to job related relocations, it has followed us through the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, and finally to Texas - each time being lovingly put up during the winter to avoid slippery and salty roads. Thanks to numerous company cars supplied by my employer, “Dexter”, as Judy christened our 911 in the early 70’s, has been spared the rigors of inclement weather and daily driving, accumulating only 45,238 miles along the way.

Today the car is an original survivor, still sporting its original factory applied Signal Yellow paint, its original black and brown leatherette interior, original carpets, and dealer supplied sisal floor mats, just as it was when originally manufactured by Porsche and delivered to Ted Trudon Porsche-Audi back in the Spring of 1973, right down to the 185/70VR15 Pirelli Centurato CN36 tires.

Although not often driven these days (no A/C to deal with the hot humid Houston weather) each time I do I am transported back to that Spring day in 1973 when I first test drove a 911. It is still pure magic!

Today Dexter resides in a select spot in our garage right next to our 1967 black Corvette convertible….well, that is another story!

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