Robert "Bob" T 69 Pontiac Firebird 400 H.O. 2 door coupe 400ci 4bbl 363 HP

Grandmas Ride

This car was ordered by Meridian Motors in Concord CA, on February 20, 1969 with the “Special” Goldenrod Yellow paint, order number 20442, and delivered on March 11, 1969. It was sold for $3,280.64. VIN 223379L110348

About 16 months later it was traded to British Motors of Vallejo by a local Dentist who purchased a Jaguar, (This information was acquired March 2015 by Larry Albedi, Owner of BMoV) and then on July 9, 1970, sold to Franklin Taft on behalf of his then 68 year old mother Carol; or “Unclemama” to her family. The 4’9” Carol would sit on a pillow and had a 2x4 attached to the brake pedal to allow her to drive it with greater ease and control. No need for a 2x4 on the accelerator, as she seldom used it.

Most of my friends knew or knew of Unclemama, But ALL the local pony car dudes knew of the little old lady driving the “Yellow 400 H.O”; My Grandmother! About spring of 1974, I got my first ticket (Speed Contest, Misdemeanor, 3 points) in this car, at 16 years old, while running an errand for Unclemama.

After she stopped driving, my brother or I would take pleasure in ferrying her around town in the car. She had always promised that I would get the car when she could no longer drive it.

Christmas Eve 1987 my Uncle Frank (still the registered owner) sold it to a friend, Dr. Carlton Purviance for $3,000.00.

I didn’t speak to Frank for a year.

Every so often I would cross paths with Dr. Purviance, and ask “When are you going to sell me my car?” He would laugh and reply “One day soon”. Turned out that this was a good thing; He took magnificent care of this car.

Talking to my Uncle Frank recently one evening (we’ve mended fences several years ago) he mentioned that Dr. Purviance was considering selling the car. I called him and he said that indeed he was thinking about it. I asked him how much? And he said that he hadn’t done an appraisal or made any steps toward selling it yet, but he would consider an offer. I made an offer and he accepted on the spot.

On February 20 2015 almost 27 years and 2 months later, the car was delivered to Robert Taft, Grandson of Unclemama.

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