David W 1984 Einar Glasius Hydroplane

Still Racing!

This hydroplane was built by Einar Glasius in 1984, all wood with a small block Chevy. Einar raced this boat in the 80's and 90's with an open cockpit... He won several Championships and set 2 speed records. In the late 90's he sold the 'F-60, Wild Viking' (as it was originally named & numbered) to Dave Sutton, the number and name were changed to NM-18, 'In The Red'. The following year the APBA rules mandated capsules be installed for driver safety. The boat was built from Staudacher plans and now has a Lauterbach designed capsule. Dave Sutton had George Conover driving for him until 2012. In the years that Dave owned the boat with George driving they won 7 regional high points championships. I purchased the boat in 2014 and plan on racing it as well.... Powered by a 358ci Chevy, (Dart block & heads) it's still fast and competitive!! It travels on a custom built trailer with tool boxes for spare parts and a hydraulic lift system to tilt the boat so it can be hauled within legal width on the highways... The hull is 20'2" long and 10'2" wide... Most boats that compete today are composite, they still have to make a weight limit regardless of their 'lighter' weight materials. The older wooden boats are safer since they are less likely to come apart so fast in a crash or blow-over. This is a beautiful wooden boat that shows well at boat/car shows, parades and runs with the best of class in any race.

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