Ron D

6'3" and I drive classic mini's The smaller the better!

I have been collecting classic mini's for nearly 20 years.

It all started on a trip to England and I saw my first Mini, Wow I thought I wonder if I would fit in one of them, I want one!

That next summer I went to a British car show and there was a classic Mini and I talked to the owner of it and he was only about 5'8" and I asked if I could sit in it and gladly let me try it on, wow I fit, it was a little tight but I could drive one of these.

So it was on to Ebay to find one. I found a nice little 1967 cooper in England, It had no rust a 998cc engine and sliding windows in the doors along with a 4 speed trany.

It took 26 days on the ocean to get it here and it seemed like a year.

So we made the trip to southern California from Riverton, Utah to get the little beast. I went to the shipping dock to pick it up and I was shocked at how little that 1967 Mini cooper looked sitting in the parking lot! I had forgotten how small they were (only 10' long).

The customs agent droped me off at the car and said there you go. So I folded myself up in it along with my wife Chris (she is 5'10") and we drove it to the trailer we had brought with us and got it loaded up for the jurney back to Riverton Utah.

We had a crowd at every gas station wanting to know what it was (the new ones wern't out yet) and I would tell them all about it.

After we got it home I started taking it to local car shows and cruze nights and I got teased a lot like we are the clowns, how do you fit in there, and your driving on the wrong side of the car (it was right hand drive).

We recieved a lot of awards and even one kind of special one. At the end of the cruzs night season there is a Holloween cruze night to end it till spring and I was surprised with a special award. They called my name and I went up to the DJ trailer with over 100 people around(that all new what was going to happen) and I was presented with a 1/2 award and a tiny dash plack, The award was on the standard wooden plack but they had cut the plack portion in 1/2.

It was fun and no one else has one.

The crazy thing was is this car with shipping back then was 2400.00! They were not popular yet.

The next year I bought a Wolsley Hornet (It was a variant of the mini with a differant grill and an extended boot(trunk). It also came from England.

The cost on it with shipping was around 2700.00 but it was rusty in the body but mostly surface rust( I was told by the guy I bought it from there was no rust) so I put an inexpesive paint job on it showed it for a while then sold it.

A year later I found the one I currently have, It was in New Zeland.

1964 that had beed re shelled (they would take a doner car with a better body and a newer style and put it on the old car)

This car was awesome, he added the factary A/C that was only put in the Japanese spec cars a newer engine that is a 1275cc single port injection. Had no rust and drives great.

I have repainted it about 10 years ago and have done some suspension upgrades and added a trailer made from the back end of a classic mini and painted it to match. I have won over 50 awards in the 13 years I have had it.

Now people come up and say wow a real mini and every one knows what it is.

I paid 9000.00 for this Mini and 1500.00 for shipping back then but it is a primo car.

I have since owned a convertable that was knowen as the LAAM mini, there were 75 of these made on a test market and were to expensive so they stopped production, also a 1973 streatch limo mini that we had a lot of fun with and I have owned a 1967 panel van and several other coopers.

I have also had 3 of the new Mini's ans I currantly have a new Mini all 4 Countryman John Cooper works.

I am kind of a mini junky.

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